Testing Refactoring of DB

Testing the refactoring of database functions.

8/27/2023, 6:49:02 PM

The state of this portfolio.

This is a constant WIP. I wrote it from the ground up, it stores data in MySQL (MariaDB) and has some basic CRUD functionality built in to it. I'm going to continue developing it and making it better. My end goal will be to make this software useful for civic engagement and activism. I'd really like to be able to commit enough time and effort into it to make it a feasible and easy tool to deploy that would help with managing communication and community efforts.

8/24/2023, 9:06:00 AM

DeVry WBG310

Hello Professor and class!

8/24/2023, 2:40:29 AM

Second Test

This is a second test, just to see how this looks and whatnot.

8/24/2023, 2:24:45 AM

Does this work?

Does this work?

8/24/2023, 1:36:26 AM